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Kendall County places a high value on its children and families. Of particular concern are those youth and families that enter the juvenile justice system.  The needs of these families are addressed by a collaborative system of services in Kendall County, including education, religious communities, health, mental health, social services, juvenile justice, and law enforcement. With the common goal of preventing, intervening, and/or diverting juvenile delinquency, these systems and others can work together to positively impact many lives and enhance the health and safety of Kendall County communities in the process.  The Kendall County Juvenile Justice Council, established in 2010 by State’s Attorney Eric Weis, is representative of geographical and professional diversity that strives to impact juvenile delinquency in Kendall County by working together.

The mission of the Kendall County Juvenile Justice Council is to prevent delinquency by effectively utilizing community resources to assist at risk youth and their families and to provide youth the opportunity to reach their full potential.

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