Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can a victim of a crime drop or file a charge against another person?
A. Only the State’s Attorney has the authority to file charges or dismiss charges against a defendant. However, the concerns and requests of the victim of any potential prosecution will be given due consideration by the State’s Attorney’s Office.
Q. Can the State’s Attorney’s Office provide a resident of Kendall County with legal advice?
A. By law, the State’s Attorney is responsible for prosecuting criminal cases and providing legal advice to Kendall County governmental officials. However, the State’s Attorney’s Office can not provide legal advice to individuals in either criminal or civil litigation.
Q. Can the State’s Attorney’s Office help a custodial parent collect past due child support?
A. Yes, please refer back to the Home Page and select “Back Child Supportt”.
Q. Does the State’s Attorney’s Office prosecute local city/village ordinance violations?
A. No, the city/village attorney is responsible for prosecuting these cases.
Q. What should I do if I am the victim of identity theft?
A. The Illinois Attorney General has resources available to help a victim of identity theft. Please visit their web site at You should also file a police report with your local law enforcement agency.

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