Children’s Advocacy Center

The Kendall County Children’s Advocacy Center is a child-focused, community based program where representatives from many legal agencies are committed to providing a safe environment for child victims of sexual assault and severe physical abuse. It is located in the Kendall County Health Department at 811 West John Street in Yorkville.

The Children’s Advocacy Center is designed to provide the best available aid through a team composed of Assistant State’s Attorneys, local law enforcement agencies, and DCFS investigators for the investigation and prosecution of sexual abuse and/or serious physical abuse to children.

The goal of the Children’s Advocacy Center is to investigate and assist the State’s Attorney’s Office in the prosecution of offenders without causing further trauma to the child-victim. The Children’s Advocacy Center is dedicated to approaching victims of child abuse in a sensitive, respectful manner. An interview of the child is conducted in a neutral, non-suggestive atmosphere, with a skilled forensic professional interviewer, following a uniformed protocol. When necessary and applicable, the Children’s Advocacy Center can provide medical exams and consultations as well as counseling services to the child and family.

Kendall County Children’s Advocacy Center Advisory Board Membership List

Children’s Advocacy Brochure

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