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The Kendall County Sheriff’s Office has one deputy assigned to work with the Great Lakes Regional Fugitive Task Force (GLRFTF) which is comprised of multiple law enforcement agencies working under the United States Marshals Service for purposes of locating violent and high risk fugitive offenders.   The Task Force focuses primarily on combating violent crime such as murder, sexual assault, rape, child pornography, robbery and aggravated assault.  As a member of the GLRFTF, the deputy is given the necessary training and equipment provided by the United States Marshal’s to track down and locate these fugitives. 

The longer a fugitive is not in custody; the likelihood is greater he or she will commit another crime to further prevent apprehension.  With the assistance of the GLRFTF, these fugitives can be safely and quickly apprehended making the area of Kendall County safer for its citizens. Participation in this unit has led to the development of various programs to seek wanted offenders in Kendall County.  Fugitive Fridays was implemented as well as a most wanted list posted to social media that has led to multiple apprehensions.

For more information on the Great Lakes Regional Fugitive Task Force, visit the U.S. Marshalls website at:


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