School Resource Officers (SRO)

The Kendall County’s Sheriff’s Office has 2 School Resource Officers (SRO) that serve 9 schools in unincorporated Kendall County.  They work with school administration as law enforcement liaisons and are positive role models for the students.  SROs work with school administrators to identify safety concerns, assist with emergency planning, and participate in safety drills with the schools.

SROs also teach students various topics such as prevention of bullying, avoiding drug and alcohol use and abuse, and cyber-security.  SROs continually work with students to address their concerns and seize mentorship opportunities.  The program is built on building trust with the students to encourage lifelong positive interactions with law enforcement.



Longbeach Elementary School
Boulder Hill Elementary School
St. Luke’s Lutheran Elementary School
Cross Lutheran Elementary School
Bristol Elementary School
Newark Grade School
Millbrook Middle School
Newark High School
Lisbon Grade School

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