Patrol Unit


The patrol division of the Kendall County Sheriff’s Office is the primary provider of police services to the unincorporated residents of Kendall County.  The duties of the patrol division encompass a wide range of tasks and responsibilities with the primary responsibilities being the prevention of crime through random highly visible patrol, investigating criminal acts and apprehending offenders, answering various calls for service, and providing a variety of community services to area residents.  Along with these duties the patrol division also participates in traffic enforcement, the service of arrest warrants, service of civil process papers, and assisting municipal police agencies in the County.  The patrol division is staffed by over 30 deputies and sergeants who work diligently to provide continuous effective police coverage 24 hours a day, every day of the year.  All deputies receive additional training to provide the citizens of Kendall County with the highest quality law enforcement officers.  Deputies also become specialists in certain areas such as evidence technician, juvenile officer, traffic enforcement deputy, or detective.  Kendall County Sheriff’s deputies work in close cooperation and build partnerships with citizens, businesses and other agencies to effectively deliver police services throughout the entire County. 



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