Corrections Division

Commander Bobby Richardson

The Corrections division of the Kendall County Sheriff’s Office is comprised of
two special areas. The largest section is the County Jail, the other is Inmate Transportation. The Corrections Division currently has 42 Deputies assigned to the Division.

The Kendall County Jail provides for the custody of individuals awaiting trial, serving sentences up to one year, or sentenced to periodic imprisonment. The Kendall County Jail was opened in 1992 with a capacity of 60 beds. In 2000, the Jail was renovated and an additional 24 beds were added. In late 2005, a new wing was constructed and 119 beds were added to the jail creating a new jail capacity of 203 beds.

The Transportation Team is responsible for transporting Inmates to and from
Court, other Jails, and Medical Facilities.

Inmate search will give you access to inmate details, booking photos, charge information, bond amount, release date, and arresting agency.

V.I.N.E. ®

HSI’s Victim Notification Program – ICE

Jail Inspections

PREA (Prison Rape Elimination Act)

Have you or someone you know been a victim of crime? Call 1-866-566-8439

Search for Inmates in the Illinois Department of Corrections

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Inmate Mail Procedures

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 Commander Bobby Richardson
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