Bicycle Patrol Unit


The Kendall County Sheriff’s Office developed a Bicycle Patrol Unit in 2016.  The Bicycle Patrol Unit consists of both operations and corrections deputies and is supervised by an operations sergeant.   The Bicycle Patrol Unit is used for regular patrol duty, traffic enforcement, parking control, and special events.  The use of a patrol bicycle allows deputies to become more mobile, visible, and approachable to members of the community.

Each Bicycle Unit deputy has completed a 32 hour Police Cyclist Class, which is nationally certified through the International Police Mountain Bike Association.  During the class, deputies learned how to safely handle their bikes while in traffic and how to use the bicycle when making traffic stops, citizen contacts, and suspect contacts.  Deputies also qualified with their duty firearm while wearing bicycle safety equipment including helmets and riding gloves.

“The creation of the Bicycle Patrol Unit enhances patrol efforts in our community.  Bicycle patrol has been shown to be an effective way to increase deputy visibility in congested areas and their quiet operation can provide a tactical approach to crimes in progress.” said Sheriff Dwight A. Baird.  

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