Planning & Zoning


The Planning and Zoning Division of the PBZ Department is responsible for the processing of zoning and subdivision applications, implementation and maintenance of the County’s Land Resource Management Plan and coordination with the Building Division in the issuance of building permits and administration and enforcement of the County’s Development Regulations. Staff is also responsible for the issuance of site development permits and the registration of available Agricultural Allocations for single family building permits for Agriculturally Zoned parcels meeting certain acreage requirements. The Planning Division also provides staff support to four different boards and commissions responsible for providing recommendations to the County Board in the review and evaluation of zoning and subdivision applications. The Planning Division also attends and works with planning groups like watershed and drainage district groups by providing assistance and comments.

Access to the ordinances, plans and applications the Planning and Zoning Division are responsible for implementing are available through the links provided below:


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