The following are open map amendment, text amendment, variance and special use petitions currently under review. This information is updated as each petition moves through the review process. Please check the page of each Committee or Board to track the meetings associated with each petition. For more information on petitions, please contact the Planning, Building and Zoning Department.

Petition # Description PDF
18-04 Request from the Kendall County Regional Planning Commission to Amend the Future Land Use Map Pertaining to Land Uses of Properties Adjacent to Route 47 in Lisbon Township pdf
18-16 Request from Lawrence Slattery on Behalf of R.Y. Property Management Corp. (Owner) and Jorge Ramirez a/k/a Rancho La Purisiman Corp. (Prospective Buyer) for a Special Use Permit to Operate a Banquet Facility at 8218 Route 30 in Bristol Township; Property is Zoned A-1 pdf
18-24 Request from Dorothy Flisk on Behalf of Skyfall Equestrian, LLC for a Major Amendment to a Special Use Permit to Increase the Number of Horses Allowed Boarded at 17 Ashe Road in Little Rock and Bristol Townships (PINs 01-01-200-020 and 02-06-102-009) from 24 to 36 pdf
19-08 Request from Daniel, Bruce, and Norma VanDeventer and Deborah Hull on Behalf of the Wilbur C. VanDeventer Trust (Current Owner) and Diane and Craig Zimmerman (Prospective Buyer) for Map Amendment Rezoning the Property Located on the Northeast Side of the T-Intersection Created by Galena and Kennedy Roads (PIN: 02-11-300-007) from A-1 Agricultural to R-1 One-Family Residential in Bristol Township pdf 
19-11 Request from Mark Caldwell on Behalf of Dickson Valley Ministries for a Major Amendment to a Special Use Permit Granted by Ordinance 2014-05 Permitting a Youth Camp and Recreation Center at 8250 Finnie Road (PINs:  04-17-100-002, 04-17-300-002, and 04-17-300-007) in Fox Township; Proposed Amendment Repeals and Replaces the Site Plan. pdf
 19-12 Request from Robert Bright on Behalf of the Madison Trust and Castle Bank N A and JoAnn Bright-Theis for a Special Use Permit for a Banquet Center at 10978 Crimmin Road in Fox Township; Property is Zoned A-1  pdf 
19-13 Request from the Kendall County Regional Planning Commission for a Text Amendment to Sections 4.06 and 4.07 of the Kendall County Zoning Ordinance by Allowing Research and Development Related Home Occupations to be Conducted Outside of a Dwelling or Permitted Accessory Structure and Adding the Phrase “Unless Otherwise Permitted by Law” to the End of Section 4.06.f and Section 4.07.g pdf

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