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Brian Holdiman, Code Official
Pam Herber, Part-Time Office Assistant

The Building Division of the PBZ Department is responsible for the administration and enforcement of the Kendall County Building Code and the issuance of building permits for all new construction within the unincorporated areas of the County, as well as the incorporated Villages of Millbrook and Plattville. The Code establishes minimum life, safety, and health requirements to protect the health safety and welfare of the general public. The adopted Building Code currently includes the following regulations with certain insertions, deletions and changes.

International Building Code 2012 – Including Kendall County Amendments
International Residential Code 2012, Including Appendix F and Appendix G – Including Kendall County Amendments
National Electric Code 2011 – Including Kendall County Amendments
Illinois Plumbing Code as mandated by the State of Illinois
International Mechanical Code 2012
International Fuel Gas Code 2012
International Energy Conservation Code (most recently adopted by the State of Illinois)
Illinois Accessibility Code
Kendall County Building Codes (pdf)
Building Permit Fee Schedule (pdf)

Unincorporated Kendall County Building Permit Requirement checklist:

Permit Application Forms

Links below provide information regarding Building Codes and Ordinances for reference & guidelines


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