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Jill Ferko

The County Treasurer’s responsibilities include the statutory duties required as County Treasurer for the County of Kendall and as Ex-Officio County Collector of Real Estate Property Taxes and Drainage District Taxes for the entire county.

It is the duty of the County Treasurer to deposit, invest and distribute monies on behalf of Kendall County. The County Treasurer maintains records of over $40 million in revenue deposited annually. Each month the Treasurer reports to the County Board the amount of money invested in banks. Investment objectives for the Treasurer are safety of principal, liquidity, and maximum rate of return.

The County Collector mails out approximately 50,000 bills per year. Upon receipt of the tax monies the County Collector distributes these funds to nearly 100 taxing districts. Tax collection funds are kept in interest bearing accounts. The interest earned on the accounts is disbursed according to the various taxing districts proportional to the amount of tax collected for them.

The County Collector holds a tax sale at the end of every tax year to collect the amount of tax on every parcel the remains unpaid.

The Treasurer assists senior citizens in filing for Real Estate Tax Deferral. The Treasurer reviews and grants the tax deferral to those who meet the requirements. Information pertaining to approved deferral applicants is then reported to the Illinois Department of Revenue.

The Treasurer maintains tax records from the year 1851 and makes them available to the public. The Treasurer also receives and records inheritance tax and serves as the Forest Preserve District Treasurer and Public Building Commission Treasurer.