Traffic Unit

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traffic officerThe traffic unit at the Kendall County Sheriff’s Office is staffed by a group of highly motivated deputies who have received specialized training in several aspects as related to traffic enforcement. The goal of the traffic unit is to reduce both the number and seriousness of traffic crashes while facilitating the safe and expedient flow of traffic on roadways in Kendall County through the enforcement of speed, occupant protection, distracted driving, and impaired driving laws.

The traffic unit is also responsible for the investigation of traffic crashes that occur within the jurisdiction of the Kendall County Sheriff’s Office and providing traffic related services to motorists. Traffic crash data is compiled and analyzed so that members of the traffic unit are aware of the areas of the county which could benefit from additional traffic enforcement to help reduce the number of crashes that occur in a specific area. Problem areas can also be identified by area residents who observe a persistent traffic problem.

The best and easiest way a citizen can notify the traffic unit of a continual problem area is by completing a traffic complaint tip sheet.

If the issue is an in progress situation, just a onetime occurrence, or if you would prefer to meet with a Deputy in person, call KenCom Dispatch at emergency 911 or non-emergency 630-553-0911.