Kendall County Major Crimes Task Force (KCMCTF)

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The Kendall County Major Crimes Task Force (KCMCTF) was formed to provide assistance to member agencies during times when assistance is requested to investigate major or complex crimes.  The task force provides additional trained manpower, expertise, and equipment to ease the burden that a major crime investigation puts on the investigating agency. There are currently ten member agencies that make up the KCMCTF, which is overseen by the Kendall County Association of Chiefs of Police. The KCMCTF is made up of a Commander, two Assistant Commanders, and Task Force Members.

Members of the KCMCTF are full-time police officers from area law enforcement agencies that are highly trained in criminal investigative techniques and strategies as they relate to a major investigations. These officers are temporarily assigned to the KCMCTF from their member agency when the need arises, and return to regular duties with their agencies once the investigation is completed.