Cooperative Police Assistance Team (CPAT) & Criminal Intelligence Team (CIT)

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The Kendall County Cooperative Police Assistance Team (CPAT) is a task force which is comprised of state, county, and local law enforcement contributors who pool their resources to participate in a multi-jurisdictional enforcement group. The purpose of CPAT is to combat the trafficking of illegal narcotics, controlled substances, dangerous drugs, gun crimes, and gang related crimes. Additionally, CPAT also assists local law enforcement agencies with investigating general criminal incidents, major crime investigations, and assists different jurisdictions with requests for assistance.

The Kendall County Criminal Intelligence Team (CIT) is part of CPAT as well. CIT is focused on reducing and monitoring gang activity and gang crime within and around Kendall County. CIT also targets drug crime and prevents further drug distribution throughout the county, working closely with uniformed and covert law enforcement. CIT is an overt team dedicated to reducing crime in Kendall County.