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Benefits for both Corrections Deputies and Patrol Deputies are dictated by each group's respective collective bargaining agreement.  Below is a brief summary of the benefits deputies enjoy.

  • Starting pay of $55,945 with a top pay of $85,563 after 9 years for Patrol Deputies.  Starting pay of $51,772 with a top pay of $80,035 after 9 years for Corrections Deputies
  • IMRF SLEP pension funded by both employer and employee contributions
  • Option to participate in 457(b) retirement plan funded by the employee 
  • Excellent medical, dental, vision, and life insurance
  • 12 sick days per year
  • 14 paid holidays per year
  • 2 weeks vacation after one year
  • 12 hour shift schedule for Patrol Deputies.  8.5 hour shift schedule for Corrections Deputies.
  • Opportunities for advancement and specialized positions including several federal task forces and multi-jurisdictional teams

Complete information on the compensation package provided to deputies can be found in the collective bargaining agreements.