Inmate Mail Procedures

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All incoming and outgoing non-privilege inmate mail must be received and processed through the United States Postal Service. All incoming mail shall be opened and inspected for any type of monetary funds or contraband. All gummed areas, stickers, tape, or metal will be removed before delivery to you.

Legal Mail will be opened in your presence and inspected for contraband. All gummed or sticky areas and metal will then be removed. Legal mail must be stamped “Legal Mail” on the envelope. Legal mail that is not stamped on the envelope may inadvertently be processed as non-privileged mail.

Incoming mail with an unknown recipient will be returned to sender.

All incoming mail must have a valid return address written on it. If mail is received with no return address, the mail will be forwarded to the address that you provided during the intake process. It is your responsibility to ensure the address you provided at the time of processing is current. You may provide updated addresses by submitting an inmate request.

Inmates will be able to receive approved newspapers through the U.S. mail that are sent directly from the publisher. A current list of newspapers authorized into the jail will be posted in all living areas. All fees associated with these papers must be paid for before they are received at the Sheriff’s Office. The Sheriff’s Office will not pay for newspaper subscriptions through an inmate’s commissary account. Newspapers that are received by the jail that are not on the approved list will be sent back to the sender.

Anyone receiving a newspaper subscription agrees to the following, the newspaper will be brought in and provided to the inmate with the mail call. Up to two newspapers will be allowed in the inmate’s possession at any time. Inmates who have over two newspapers will have the option of sending the paper/s home at their own expense, or to have the paper removed and disposed of properly. Inmates failing to comply with these regulations will be in violation of minor rule MI 47 (possession of more than two newspapers), will be subject to sanctions as appropriate, and the newspapers will be considered contraband and disposed of properly.

Mail that contains items not allowed in the facility will be returned to sender. If the sender is unknown, the mail will be forwarded to the address we have on file in your booking records.

Outgoing mail with an unknown sender will be destroyed. Your proper mailing address will be written in the upper left hand of the corner of the envelope and while incarcerated is:

Kendall County Corrections
1102 Cornell Lane
Yorkville IL 60560
C/O Inmate Name (First and last names must be written)
Inmate ID Number

Mail containing but not limited to violence, gang signs, gang or criminal activity, graffiti, nudity (full or partial), provocative photos that can be construed as sexual in nature, laminated objects, internet mail with screen names or email addresses, stamps, items drawn in crayon or contain a foreign substance such as glitter, lipstick or perfume, envelopes, stationary, calling cards, magazines or clippings, photocopies of books, or any metal object will be returned to sender and notification of the mail denial given to the inmate.

Mail delivered “postage due” and will not be accepted and returned to sender.

Box packages will not be accepted for inmates with the exception of packages from a book publisher or distributor that contain books for the inmate book program.

Subscriptions of unauthorized magazines, newspapers, etc. will be returned to sender with notification the subscription is not allowed. If additional mailings occur, you will have the option of having the items discarded, or forwarded to the address we have on file at your expense.

All outgoing non-privileged mail must be unsealed when handed to the deputy. This mail is subject to inspection and may be read prior to being mailed. Kendall County Sheriff’s Office forms or property will not be mailed. Mail marked Outgoing “Legal Mail” may be sealed by the inmate prior to submission for mailing. Legal mail must be sent through the United States Postal Service and be addressed to one of the organizations / persons listed below. Mail not addressed to one of the below organizations or persons listed below will be treated the same as non-privileged mail.

  • Federal or Illinois legislators
  • Judges of any court
  • Attorney General of the United States or State of Illinois
  • Director of Federal Bureau of Prisons and the Governor of the State of Illinois
  • The Director, Chiefs, Deputy Directors or Assistant Deputy Director (s) of the Illinois Department of Corrections
  • Chief of the Illinois Jail and Detention Standards Unit of the Illinois Department of Corrections
  • Members of the Illinois Prison Review Board and County Sheriff’s Department
  • Illinois Inspector General
  • Clerks of the Courts or the Illinois Court of Claims
  • John Howard Association
  • Registered Attorneys
  • Any organization that provides direct legal representation to detainees, not including organizations which provide referrals to attorneys.
  • Mutual Ground regarding PREA complaints.

Authorized Newspaper Subscriptions

  • The Wall Street Journal
  • The Washington Post
  • The New York Times
  • USA Today