Vote by Mail

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  • Option 1: Request for a Vote by mail ballot Online.  This option will allow the Voter to request the Vote by mail ballot without having to mail the application. The Election Department will receive the request on the same day the Voter applied.

Click here for a Vote by Mail Online Application

  •  Option 2: Print out and complete an application to vote and then mail the completed form to Kendall County 111 W Fox St Rm 103, Yorkville IL 60560. 

Click here for a Vote by Mail (Mail-In Application)

  • Option 3: Call the Elections Office at (630) 553-4105. The Kendall County Elections Authority will begin accepting the completed application on June 18, 2020

Vote by Mail Application Notice to Voters

Who is qualified to vote by mail?

-Any qualified elector of the State of Illinois who is properly registered to vote may apply for a vote by mail ballot.

In addition, the following unregistered voters are eligible to vote by mail ballot:

  1. Members of the Armed Forces or Merchant Marine and their spouses and dependents whether serving in the United States or abroad;
  2. U.S. citizens and their spouses or dependents, whose permanent residence is in Kendall County but who will be temporarily residing abroad on election day;
  3. U.S. citizens (not their spouses or dependents) who maintained a residence in Kendall County immediately prior to their departure from the United States.

How to Obtain a Vote by Mail Ballot

By Mail

*Ballots will not be sent until Thursday, September 24, 2020

You may request a vote by mail ballot to be mailed to you. The last day we can mail you a ballot is 5 days prior to the election. To request a vote by mail, either:

The ballot needs to be postmarked by election day and must be in our office within two weeks after the election.

Please note that if you will be out of the country for the election, you must complete and return an FPCA form.


*Persons who have registered by mail without providing identification and will be voting for the first time are not eligible to vote early by mail. They may vote early.