Death Certificates

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Death certificates are usually generated by the funeral home chosen by the family of the deceased. A death certificate is prepared and signed by the physician attending to the deceased at the time of death. In cases where there is no doctor who is able to sign or the person came to their death by unnatural causes the Coroner will sign the certificate after a complete investigation of the death.

For this reason, the Coroner’s Office will often issue a ‘temporary death certificate’. The temporary death certificate will be filed with the County Clerk in a timely fashion and will be followed by a ‘permanent death certificate’ once the investigation has been finalized.

When there is need for an inquest into the manner and cause of death the permanent, death certificate will be made available after the inquest is closed. Often times, banks and insurance companies will require the permanent death certificate for final disbursement of benefits, therefore, an inquest will be made into the death as soon as possible once all the evidence has been collected in order to facilitate the benefits for survivors.

If you have questions regarding the death certificate please contact the coroner’s office.

If you would like to obtain copies of a death certificate contact the Kendall County Clerk’s office at 630-553-4104.