Small Claims Court

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  • Small Claims Complaint forms are available online.

  • You are required to electronically file your complaint through eFileIL. The filing fees will depend on the amount you are claiming in your complaint.

  • In addition to the filing fee you may need to pay a fee for the service of your summons. The amount will depend on whether you request service by certified mail or sheriff’s service.

  • Return Dates (Court Dates) are scheduled through the Clerk’s office. Small Claims complaints are usually set for any weekday at 9:00 am, except legal holidays and during scheduled weeks when jury trials are held. Please contact the Clerk’s office for available dates when filling out your summons form.

Important Notice: The Circuit Clerk’s office is prohibited by law to give legal advice and cannot assist you in filling out these forms. The information provided above is given only for general reference as to our filing procedures. For legal assistance in filing any lawsuit and to protect your rights under the law, you should seek counsel from a licensed attorney at law