KHA to open Housing Choice Voucher Wait List

The Kendall Housing Authority (KHA) Housing Choice Voucher Program, known previously as Section 8, provides one hundred sixty (160) eligible households (“Participants”) with opportunities to live in rental housing owned by private property owners. Participants choose where they want to live, as long as the unit is 1) approved through an inspection; 2) the rent is reasonable compared to same or similar non-subsidized units in the same area; and 3) affordable for the family.

KHA pays a portion of the contracted rent in the form of a housing assistance payment (HAP) to the landlord on behalf of the Participant. The HAP is the monthly assistance payment by the PHA for a contract unit, which includes: (1) a payment to the owner for rent to the owner under the family’s lease minus the tenant rent; and (2) an additional payment to or on behalf of the family if the utility allowance exceeds total tenant payment.

KHA opens its HCV Waiting List as often as needed (only when funding is available) to provide assistance to additional low to moderate income families. KHA is opening its Housing Choice Voucher Program Wait List, online on MARCH 1, 2018 at 9:00
a.m. Central. The link to the pre-application is  The Wait List will CLOSE when 300 PRE-APPLICATIONS ARE RECEIVED, or by 4:30 p.m. Central, March 9, 2018 – whichever comes first.

There is no cost to submit a pre-application for the Wait List. KHA will never ask for your debit or credit card or any other form of payment to submit a pre-application for its services. Additionally, DO NOT provide personal information to anyone claiming he or she can guarantee a spot on the Wait List, improve your chances of selection for the HCV Wait List, or ensure that you will receive any KHA benefits!

WHEN THE WAIT LIST OPENS, you must successfully submit a pre-application online during the open period. The pre-application – which requires your name, date of birth, contact mailing address, email address, household income, number of household members and racial or ethnic designation of the head of household – must be submitted online using a computer, smartphone, tablet or other electronic device with Internet access. Applicants should have a valid e-mail address to apply. If you do not have Internet access, you may submit the pre-application online at locations throughout the County that offer free use of their computers, such as public libraries. Internet access is not available for submitting a pre-application at the KHA office.

Pre-applications will NOT be provided or accepted at the KHA Yorkville location unless you have been pre-approved for a Reasonable Accommodation because of a disability or related condition that prevents you from equal access to the online pre-application process. Your accommodation request must be written, and must describe the reason why the online pre-application process prevents you from accessing the pre-application. The written accommodation request can be:

Mailed to: Malinda Smith, DuPage Housing Authority, 711 E. Roosevelt Rd., Wheaton, IL 60187

Faxed to: (630) 690-0702 Emailed to:

NOTE: THIS IS NOT A REQUEST FOR ANY MEDICAL DIAGNOSIS, A REQUEST FOR MEDICAL RECORDS OR A REQUEST TO PROVE ANY CLAIMED DISABILITY OR A DESCRIPTION OF SAME. Individuals with hearing or speech disabilities using TDD or TTY technology may call Illinois Relay Services for assistance.

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