Geographic Information Systems Fee Increase

EFFECTIVE 1/1/2020

55 ILCS 5/3-5018 provides, in part, that the Kendall County Board may charge fees for filing every instrument, paper, or notice for record in order to defray the cost of implementing or maintaining a Geographic Information System (GIS). The statutory Geographic Information System fee hereinafter known as GIS may be increased by the County Board after conducting a cost study. At the County Board meeting of November 5, 2019, the members did approve, by majority vote, an Ordinance to enact the fee increase.

Kendall County Ordinance No. 2019-29 will increase the GIS Mapping Fund to $30.00. This fee increase will be reflected on your recorded documents beginning January 1, 2020. This means the County’s predictable recording fee will increase from $53.00 to $67.00 for a standard or conforming document.

Debbie Gillette
Kendall County Clerk & Recorder

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Ordinance No. 2019-29

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