Free Spay/Neuter of dogs and cats for Low Income Kendall County Residents

If you are a Kendall County resident and receiving LINK card or Social Security Disability Benefits, you can apply for free spay/neuter of your dog or cat.
In order to receive a free *spay/neuter voucher for your dog or cat, you need to bring the following
information to Kendall County Animal Control:

1. Your signed LINK card OR S/S Disability Benefit Letter
2. Your driver’s license or state ID
3. Proof of ownership for the cat or dog

To be approved, documentation & ID must have matching information including the name of the current owner &
present address.

Once you have been approved by the Kendall County Animal Control staff, you will receive your spay/neuter voucher for your dog or cat!

* Rabies vaccination is required & included at no cost for unvaccinated dogs/cats 4 month of age of older. County rabies tag required and sold separately.

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