Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers are a great asset to the Kendall County Forest Preserve District.

Volunteers can assist with the natural areas restoration projects underway at many of the preserves, at educational programs and events, and by helping to maintain the gardens at Hoover Forest Preserve.

If being outdoors and helping our natural areas sounds good to you, then plan on volunteering with natural areas restoration.


Saturday Workdays are held once a month, and are a great way to get a taste of becoming a Natural Areas Volunteer . Working with the natural areas volunteers requires no special training or skills, and there are meaningful places for all levels of physical ability and involvement.

Natural Areas Volunteers (NAV’s) work to restore optimal health in our protected areas. Training “on the job” is an integral part of the NAV Program.

Assisting with volunteer program operations may include communications, database management and planning.

Other critical help includes research through citizen science, and by providing current observational and technical data NAV’s may assist in land management.

Natural areas require protection and care, and to see how those areas respond from year to year is wondrously satisfying.

For more information on volunteering,
Contact David Guritz at 630-553-4131.
E-mail: kcforest@co.kendall.il.us

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