Mission & Goals

The mission of the Kendall County Forest Preserve District is to preserve and manage natural areas and open spaces, provide environmental education, and offer recreational opportunities for Kendall County residents.

More specifically, the goals of the Kendall County Forest Preserve District are to:

  • Acquire and hold lands containing forests, prairies, wetlands, streams and other natural areas in order to preserve the flora, fauna and scenic beauties of Kendall County for the enjoyment of county residents and future generations.
  • Acquire and hold properties containing lands capable of being restored to a natural condition and lands that will provide recreational opportunities and facilities.
  • Provide educational opportunities for county residents regarding the natural systems, natural processes and natural history of Kendall County.
  • Provide passive and active recreational opportunities and facilities for residents that are compatible with District natural areas and open spaces.
  • Implement management practices and policies that maintain and enhance the biodiversity of District natural areas.
  • Inform Kendall County residents of District programs, properties, facilities and policies.
  • Partner with other governmental agencies, conservation organizations and private landowners to best preserve natural areas and serve the needs of Kendall County residents.

General Use Ordinance
Master Plan
Trails & Greenways Plan

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