General Rules and Regulations



Forest Preserves are open from 8:00 a.m. to sunset. Please exit the preserve 30 minutes prior.

PARKING ON THE GRASS IS PROHIBITED. MOTOR VEHICLES and BICYCLES are restricted to roadways and designated parking areas only.

A 10 MPH SPEED LIMIT is in effect and enforced for all vehicular traffic. Mini-bikes, ATVs and snowmobiles are prohibited.

DOGS are welcome, but must be held on a leash no longer than 10 feet at all times for their safety, that of other visitors, and wildlife. Hitching or tying an animal to any tree, bush or shrub is prohibited. The owner is responsible for the conduct and clean-up of their animal. Dogs are not allowed in any enclosed buildings with the exception of service animals with advanced notification. Dogs are not allowed overnight in the forest preserve.

FIRES are allowed in designated fireplaces or fire rings with a reservation permit only. It is prohibited to bring in or collect firewood from the Forest Preserves. Firewood must be purchased from Kendall County Forest Preserve District.

FISHING is permitted on Forest Preserve property in accordance with Illinois Department of Natural Resources regulations. Limits are posted. Worms and wax worms are the only live bait allowed. Collecting bait from the preserves is prohibited. Contact Silver Springs State Park at (630)553-6297 on State fishing regulations or visit the IDNR website at

HUNTING, COLLECTING, or DAMAGING plant, animal, fungus, or items of any kind is prohibited and is enforced. SWIMMING, boating, ice fishing and ice skating are not allowed.

LEAVE AREA CLEAN by placing all garbage in the trash and recycling receptacles, and return tables to their original positions. Do not move tables out of enclosed buildings.

HORSES are permitted at Hoover, Harris Forest Preserve, Ellis trails and Millbrook South on designated trails only. Please keep horses off of the sled hill. No horse trailers are allowed in the main parking lot at Harris from December 1st thru April 1st.

DECORATIONS require special care. Leave no holes or adhesives. No thumb tacks or tape can be used on the walls, and please completely remove after use. Water balloons, piñatas, rice, birdseed, flower petals, streamers, sparklers, any type of pyrotechnical devices, open flamed candles, sidewalk chalk, sequins, glitter and, confetti are prohibited.

The use of AMPLIFIED SOUND or other loud or unusual activities is prohibited. Be respectful of nature and your neighbors.

INFLATABLE PLAY HOUSE. TENTS up to 20x40x15 may be allowed and advance notice is required. Shelter 1 at Harris Forest Preserve is the only site they are allowed. One play house not to exceed 15 feet in height may be placed on the westside of the shelter.

To view the complete Kendall County Forest Preserve District General Use Ordinance click here.

Rev April 2017

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