Trail Map

We are proud to have Maramech listed as an Illinois Nature Preserve, identifying its natural areas as one of the best in the state. Maramech is a 86 acre preserve located at 14780 Griswold Springs Road  south of Plano. A short trail (0.4 miles) leads a visitor through prairies and woodlands.

Maramech has interesting northern flatwoods, a specialized type of wet woodland.  Slight changes in topography create wet areas where plants such as the Blue Flag Iris thrive, and drier areas where flowers like this Heart-leaved Skullcap are found. Where diverse native flora is found, diverse native fauna follow. You can view the flatwoods and it’s unique vegetation from our comfortable observation deck.

Because of its Nature Preserve status, certain activities are not allowed at Maramech.  Please obey the signage at the preserve to protect the fragile areas at Maramech. Remaining on the trails is one important way to avoid damaging sensitive ecosystems.

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