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Trails wind through the natural areas and offer an up-close look at many unusual natural areas and plants.  The Lyon-Richard Young
trail system is close to 3 miles in length.

Lyon Forest Preserve is located at 8300 Van Emmon Drive, Yorkville, IL just west of Route 71.  A spectacular high quality fen is a short walk from the parking lot — just follow the west trail to the boardwalk to discover its riches.  Lyon and the adjacent Richard Young Forest Preserve create 177 acres of open space.

Lyon has a number of seeps, a type of wetland where groundwater oozes out of the hillsides. This creates specialized habitat for plants such as the beautiful marsh marigold and the unusual skunk cabbage.

Please Note: There are no restroom facilities at Lyon FP, but the adjacent Richard Young FP has restrooms off of Route 71.

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