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Located at 11285 Fox Road, Yorkville IL. Campsites and bunkhouses are a featured attraction at Hoover Forest Preserve. At just under 400 acres, it is located west of Yorkville, and stretches for nearly a mile along the Fox River.

The 5.5 mile upgraded trail system leads visitors through a variety of habitats and to scenic overlooks. Bridge span creeks rushing down to meet the mighty Fox River.

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Hoover has terrific oak wooded bluffs, steep ravines and unique prairie remnants. Nearly 300 native plant species are found at Hoover, including some known from nowhere else in Kendall County. Shown here is the locally rare species Stiff Gentian.


Family and group tent campsites beckon an overnight stay, as do renovated bunkhouses. Pictured here is one of two camp clusters, unique little “villages” that can sleep up to 48 people.

The Rookery,  the District’s on-site Educational Center, is located at Hoover Forest Preserve.  As is Neshnabe’k, a recreated Pottawatomi Village.


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