Ethics Commission

The Kendall County Ethics Commission was created back in May of 2004. The Commission was formed to investigate and conduct hearings regarding ethics complaints against county officials for alleged violations of the Gift Ban Act and other prohibited political activities. The Commission members are Judith Burks, Kristine Heiman, Ruben Rodriguez, and Sarah Walsh. Eric Weis, Kendall County State’s Attorney, serves as legal adviser to the Commission.

 To learn more about the Ethics commission or to view the Kendall County Ethics Ordinance, click on the link below.

 Kendall County Ethics Ordinance

The current members are:

Judith Burks – Chair     2 year term   Expires March 2021

Kristine Heiman            2 year term  Expires April 2021

Ruben Rodriguez            2 year term   Expires March 2021

Sarah Walsh                     2 year term   Expires March 2021

Jeff Wehrli – Ethics Advisor       2 year term    Expires April 2020


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