Eldamain Road Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

On Tuesday December 18th, Kendall County Board Members, Chairman Scott Gryder, Vice-Chair Amy Cesich, Judy Gilmour, John Purcell, Audra Hendrix, Matt Kellogg, Robyn Vickers, Plano Mayor Bob Hausler, Kendall County Highway Department, and HR Green, Inc. held a ribbon cutting ceremony.  The ceremony celebrated substantial completion of the Eldamain Road reconstruction.  Eldamain Road will be open to the public starting on December 19th.  Work will continue into spring of 2019.

EldamainRd-RibbonCutting-2   EldamainRd-RibbonCutting-1
EldamainRd-RibbonCutting-10 EldamainRd-RibbonCutting-5
EldamainRd-RibbonCutting-3   EldamainRd-RibbonCutting-9
EldamainRd-RibbonCutting-4 EldamainRd-RibbonCutting-7
EldamainRd-RibbonCutting-8 EldamainRd-RibbonCutting-6
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