Probation/Court Services

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Mission Statement: “The mission of the 23rd Judicial Circuit Court Services is to serve the community by promoting positive behavioral change utilizing proven methods to increase public safety.”

Kendall County Court Services accomplishes this mission by:

  1. Maintaining a work environment in which mutual respect, teamwork and collaboration are central components and positivity and creativity are encouraged.
  2. Being responsive to the Courts and upholding the belief in the ability to change.
  3. Developing, implementing and evaluating the success and cost effectiveness of programs and services.
  4. Utilizing effective assessment tools and adapting services to meet individual needs that will help guide case management in order to promote social growth and personal responsibility

The Probation Department is located within the Kendall County Courthouse and is charged with the responsibility of providing safe, effective probation services for juvenile and adult offenders some of which includes; drug testing, curfew check, public service work, domestic violence counseling, youth education class, felony DNA testing, victim impact panels, global positioning, juvenile secure detention, juvenile diversion, social history reports, pre-sentence investigations.

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