Snow Plowing Policies

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During the winter season it is important to remember that Illinois Department of Transportation maintains most state highways, Kendall County maintains the county highways, while each township and each municipality maintain the roadways under their jurisdiction.

Kendall County Highway Department currently maintains approximately 126 centerline miles of county highways and 28 bridges in Kendall County . In order to maintain these facilities during the winter season, the Highway Department utilizes a variety of equipment and materials designed to keep County Highways clear and passable. Although the County has no “clear road” policy, exhaustive efforts are made to keep roads as clear as possible; with the understanding that clear/dry roadways are safer.

The County Highway Department has implemented 8 snow-plowing routes. The arsenal of equipment used to maintain these routes includes 5 tandem-axle dump trucks, 4 single-axle dump trucks, a 1-ton dump truck, and a motor grader with plow and wing. Eight full-time employees man the equipment. During severe weather, the County also employees “snow birds”; part-time temporary employees, that allow for 24-hour snow plowing and salting operations.

County bridges receive special attention to prevent the build up of snow, ice or frost. Beginning with the first frosts late in the year, the Highway Department periodically applies a product called Caliber-M1000 , which is a corn byproduct that has deicing capabilities. This liquid deicer is applied during dry weather to prevent frost. It also helps to prevent the accumulation of ice during snow or ice storms. It is preferred over other deicers because of its non-corrosive properties.

In making a decision on when to commence snow/ice removal operations, snow plowing crews may be dispatched by KenCom (911 service), the County’s Highway Maintenance Foreman, the County Engineer , or by looking out the window. Doppler radar is frequently used to track the progression of passing storms.

Sometimes snow ejected from the plow accidentally knocks over mailboxes during snow plowing operations. If this happens to you, we recommend that you replace your mailbox with a new one of your choice. Keep in mind, however, that the County will only reimburse you $75 for replacement of the mailbox and post. Just turn in your receipt(s) to the County Highway Department Office, 6780 Route 47, Yorkville , IL 60560 , and we’ll reimburse your actual costs up to $75. If frozen ground prevents you from replacing your mailbox, or if you are physically unable to replace the mailbox by yourself, contact the Highway Department at (630) 553-7616, and we’ll try to make arrangements to help you.