GIS Data Inquiries

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Kendall County IL GIS data approved for distribution is made available to government agencies and the public. Requestors of GIS data must understand that GIS software or software capable of reading the file formats is required to work with the data.

Downloading Kendall County generated maps, geospatial data, electronic media or online access does not entitle user to repackage, resell or distribute this information.

Open Data
Kendall County Illinois County Board has approved to make certain features available to the public.
View the publicly available features here.

Any/all GIS FOIA requests are directed to our Administration FOIA officers.

Kendall County DOES NOT provide software for use with the GIS data.

Kendall County Illinois GIS data cannot be purchased.

All Kendall County Illinois data is georeferenced to the Illinois State Plane, Eastern Zone, using the NAD 83 horizontal datum.