County Departments

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The County Administration provides a number of services for the County Board and oversees the activities and staff for the departments of Technology, Facilities Management, Planning, Building and Zoning and Animal Control.

Animal Control
Kendall County Animal Control is the County agency responsible for the enforcement of the state statutes governing rabies control in domestic companion animals. Kendall Co. Animal Control also enforces the County’s ordinance that prohibits dogs from running at large in unincorporated, residential areas.

County Board
The County Board is the elected body that sets county policy, ordinances and budget appropriations for programs.

Economic Development
The County coordinates economic development in unincorporated areas of the County and provides support to local municipalities and local economic development corporations (EDCs) to facilitate business development in the cities and villages.

Election & Voter Information
Assist citizens to become eligible for voting in local, state and federal elections.

Emergency Management Agency
KCEMA is prepare for, respond to, recover from and mitigate all forms of natural and man made disasters that may affect Kendall County

Facilities Management
Provides maintenance for Kendall County Buildings.

Geographic Information Systems
GIS technology helps Kendall County to streamline business practices while adhering to complex political and regulatory requirements.

Health Department
Lead agency for public health, mental health, environmental health & health education services. We offer service coordination & referrals internally & to other agencies. Home energy assistance, weatherization services & community services block grant programs are also available.

Highway Department
We build and maintain county highways and bridges and assist in the construction of township roads and bridges.

Jury Commission
Determines the eligibility of prospective jurors from a combined listing of drivers and voters.

Liquor Control Commission
Responsible for the issuing and renewing of Liquor Licenses and ensuring those licenses comply with the provisions of the Kendall County Liquor Control Ordinance.

Planning, Building & Zoning
Responsible for the administration and enforcement of the County’s ordinances regulating the development of land.

Probation & Court Services
Provides supervision to individuals who have been ordered by the court to abide by certain conditions as part of a sentence.

Technology Services
Responsible for the day to day operations of network services, security, internet and intranet services and training.

Other Agencies

Forest Preserve
Preserve and manage natural areas and open spaces, provide environmental education, and offer recreational opportunities for Kendall County residents

Juvenile Justice Council
The Kendall County Juvenile Justice Council is a 501(c)(3) organization, established in 2010, by State’s Attorney Eric Weis. The mission of the Kendall County Juvenile Justice Council is to prevent delinquency by effectively utilizing community resources to assist at risk youth and their families in Kendall County and to provide Kendall County youth the opportunity to reach their full potential. All funding for the Kendall County Juvenile Justice Council is provided by public donations.

KenCom is the Public Safety Answering Point for 9-1-1 Emergencies and provides Dispatch of Fire, Police and Emergency Medical Services for the residents of Kendall County.

Kendall Area Transit
KAT will implement transit service in the Kendall County area that is reliable, flexible, and financially sustainable, while satisfying the various mobility needs of the general public and individuals unable to access or operate a private automobile.

Kendall County Housing Authority
This location is by appointment only. This address is by appointment only! Please be sure you have a scheduled appointment date/time prior to visiting this address.

Regional Office of Education
Let us never forget that our ultimate mission is to provide the finest possible education and opportunities for our students.

Veteran’s Assistance
Government agency operated by accredited veteran’s service officers for honorably discharged veterans, spouses, windows, and qualifying military personnel.