2019 County Ordinances

Ordinance # Title Adopted Date
#19-1 Parking Restrictions on County Highways 1/15/2019
#19-2 Granting a Special Use Permit on Property Zoned A-1 Agricultural for a Landscaping Business for a 3.0 Acre +/- Parcel Located at 6725 Route 71, Yorkville, Illinois and Identified by Parcel Identification Numbers 02-24-300-018 and 02-24-300-017 in Oswego Township 2/19/2019
#19-3 Granting a Special Use Permit on Property Zoned A-1 Agricultural for a Banquet Facility and a Variance to Section 7.01.D.10.A of the Kendall County Zoning Ordinance to allow a Banquet Facility to be Located off of a Non-Arterial or Non-Major Collector Roadway for a 10.0 Acre +/- Parcel Located in the 5100 Block of Schlapp Road on the East Side of Schlapp Road Approximately 0.48 Miles South of Plainfield Road on the South Ten Acres of the Property Identified by Parcel Identification Number 03-34-100-024 in Oswego Township 2/19/2019
#19-04 An Ordinance Regulating the Retail Sale of Alcoholic Liquors Outside the Corporate Limits of any City, Village or Incorporated Town in Kendall County, Illinois 3/19/2019
#19-05 Revoking a Special Use Permit for a Commercial or Private Dog Kennel Granted by Ordinance 1988-1 at 14005 Joliet Road (PIN: 07-27-200-006) in Big Grove Township 3/19/2019
#19-06 Ordinance Granting Variance to the Kendall County Highway Access Regulation Ordinance – Galena Road – Diane and Craig Zimmerman 3/19/2019
#19-07 Amendment to Article III, IV, XI, XII, XIX, XX of the Kendall County Board Rules of Order Pertaining to Regular & Special Board Meetings, Agenda, Special Committees, Standing Committees, Zoning Matters, and Addressing the Board on Other Matters 4/3/2019
#19-08 Ordinance Abating the Taxes Levied for the Year 2018 Payable 2019 to Pay Debt Service on General Obligation Bonds (Alternate Revenue Source) Series 2010, 2011, 2016 and 2017 of the County of Kendall, Illinois 4/16/2019
#19-09 Text Amendment to Sections 7.01.D.32, 7.01.D.33 and 10.03.B.4 of the Kendall County Zoning Ordinance Pertaining Regulations of Ourdoor Commercial Sporting Activities and Outdoor Target Practice or Shooting Ranges (Not Including Private Shooting in Your Own Yard) 5/7/2019
#19-10 Revoking a Special Use Permit for a Day Nursery School Granted by Ordinance 1972-15 on the Properties Identified by Parcel Identification Numbers 02-16-228-012, 02-16-276-020, and 02-16-276-022 in Bristol Township 5/7/2019
#19-11 Revoking a Special Use Permit for a Truck Driver Training School Granted by Ordinance 1996-15 and Amended by Ordinance 1999-35 at 14525 Route 71 (PIN: 04-22-300-006) in Fox Township 5/7/2019
#19-12 Junk and Debris 5/21/2019
#19-13 Ordinance Establishing Civil Fees and Criminal and Traffic Assessments to be Charged by the Clerk of the Circuit Court 5/21/2019
#19-14 Map Amendment for 15.62 Acre +/- Parcels Located on the Northeast Side of the T-Intersection Creadted by Galena and Kennedy Roads and Identifiesd by Parcel Indentification Number 02-11-300-007 in Bristop Township – Rezone from A-1 to R-1 6/4/2019


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