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The County Board is the elected body that sets county policy, ordinances and budget appropriations for programs. (see flow chart of County Organization) The Board consists of ten members elected from two districts on a partisan basis to four year, staggered terms. However, every ten years Illinois statute requires one election to fill all Board positions and staggering occurs through a random drawing for two or four year terms

The County Board meets on the first Tuesday (6:00pm) and third Tuesday (9:00am) of each month. The Board also has eleven standing committees, as well as special ad hoc committees for special topics and construction projects. For the latest schedule, please refer to the County Calendar.

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Please contact Board members via e-mail as follows or call the Kendall County Office of Administrative Services at (630) 553-4171.

All Board members:

Individual members:
   Scott Gryder Amy Cesich
  Judy Gilmour Matt Kellogg
  Matt Prochaska Tony Giles
  Audra Hendrix Elizabeth Flowers
  Robyn Vickers Scott Gengler

Residents of Kendall County are encouraged to fill out this application when interested in County Board appointments to committees, districts and/or commissions. You may also include a resume with the application.


Kendall County Board


Scott Gryder

Kendall County Board Members – District #1
Scott Gengler

Kendall County Board Members – District #2




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