When to Notify

The deaths which should be reported

  • “D.O.A” (Dead on Arrival at a hospital, nursing home, home or any other place.)
  • Sudden or violent death on the street, at home, in a public place or place of employment. The category includes, but is not limited to deaths caused by thermal, traumatic, chemical, electrical or radiation injuries, drowning or suffocation.
  • Maternal or fetal death due to criminal abortion, or any death due to a sex crime or a crime against nature.
  • Death where addiction to alcohol or durgs may have been a contributory factor.
  • Death without medical attendance within the past 30 days.
  • Death which has occurred within 30 days of being exposed to a contagious disease.
  • Death which has occurred within 24 hours of being hospitalized.
  • All deaths in institutions, including: a) mental health; b) penal or correctional; c) all wards of the State’s private care facilities (i.e. all public aid, mental health or developmental disabilities, or Department of Children and Family Services recipients.)
  • All deaths where the circumstances are suspicious, obscure or mysterious.
 This list serves only as a guideline. If in doubt about any death, contact the office of the coroner.

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