Board of Review

Board Duties & Materials

The Board of Review shall consist of three members that are appointed by the County Board. Two are affiliated with the political party polling the highest vote for any county office in the county at the last general election prior to any appointment made under this Section. The third member shall not be affiliated with that same party. In order to qualify for appointment, each member must pass an examination given by the State of Illinois.

The duties of the Board of Review include:

  • Adopting the publishing Rules of Government.
  • Reviewing all assessments made by the Township Assessor.
  • Adding omitted property and hearing all complaints on real property.

All complaints of error in assessments must be made in writing to the Board of Review within 30 days after publication of assessments.

The Board also must review and determine eligibility for Petitions for Tax Exemption. The Clerk of Board of Review then makes appropriate recommendation to the Illinois Department of Revenue.

Board of Review Minutes

The Board has the duty of equalizing assessments by township within the County.

The Board on it’s own motion may increase or reduce any assessment as it determines is just. All certificates of error presented by the Assessor or Supervisor of Assessments must be signed by at least 2 members of the Board of Review and the Supervisor of Assessments.

Upon completion of its work, the Board’s list of assessed valuations is certified to the County Clerk to compute tax rates.

The Board of Review Members

  • Pam Gegenheimer – Chairman
  • David Zielke
  • Gary Popp

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