Donations Appreciated!

Kendall County Animal Control is a self-sufficient department that does not receive any tax money. When you make a monetary donation to Kendall County Animal Control, you can decide how you want to make a difference by choosing to donate to one of the following funds:

  • Animal Medical Care Fund: Help to provide medical treatment to the homeless animals in our care, above and beyond the standard care they receive. Examples include dental cleaning and teeth extractions, amputations, and corrective surgeries.
  • Animal Control Fund: Help to provide daily care for the animals while they are at Animal Control. Examples include purchase of food, collars, leashes, toys, litter, kitten formula, and bottles.
  • Animal Control Capital Improvement Fund: Help to provide capital items needed for providing the best care possible for the animals and for the community. Examples include purchase of a new animal control van and building expansion and improvements.

Kendall County Animal Control also collects aluminum cans for recycling.

Please view our donation wish list to see the items currently needed.

Thank you for your support!

Please email us your comments & suggestions. Your feedback is always appreciated! County Offices Directory

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