The following are open map amendment, text amendment, variance and special use petitions currently under review. This information is updated as each petition moves through the review process. Please check the page of each Committee or Board to track the meetings associated with each petition. For more information on petitions, please contact the Planning, Building and Zoning Department.

Petition # Description PDF
17-28 Text Amendments to Sections 7.01.D.32 (Specials Uses in A-1 Agricultural District), 7.01.D.33 (Special Uses in A-1 Agricultural District) and 10.03.B.4 (Special Uses in M-3 Aggregate Materials Extraction, Processing and Site Reclamation District) of the Kendall County Zoning Ordinance Pertaining to Regulations of Outdoor Target Practice or Shooting Ranges (Not Including Private Shooting in Your Own Yard) pdf
17-29 Text Amendment to Section 13.08.H of the Kendall County Zoning Ordinance by Increasing the Notification Requirements for Applications for Special Use Permits on A-1 Agricultural Zoned Property from 500 Feet to 2,600 Feet and Clarifying Notification Requirements for Special Use Permits on Properties not Zoned A-1 Agricultural that Adjoining Property Owners Shall be Notified pdf
 17-30 Text Amendments to Section 3.02 (Definitions), Section 10.01.C.10 and Section 10.01.C.11 (Special Uses in the M-1 Limited Manufacturing District and M-2 Heavy Industrial District) of the Kendall County Zoning Ordinance By Extending the Expiration Deadline from January 1, 2018 to July 1, 2020 for the County’s Medical Cannabis Zoning Related Regulations pdf
17-33 Text Amendments to Various Sections of the Kendall County Zoning Ordinance Transferring the Duties and Responsibilities for Hearing Applications for Special Use Permits, Major Amendments to Special Use Permits and Involuntary Revocation of Special Use Permits from the Hearing Officer to the Kendall County Zoning Board of Appeals pdf

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