Kendall County Administrator Job Opening

The County is seeking a collaborative, transparent, energetic professional with excellent communication skills and with a strong financial background. Successful candidates will have a team-oriented management style; a vision for strategic growth; and a commitment to efficient and effective service delivery within a model workplace.

The County Administrator is appointed by a ten (10) member County Board, each representing one of two districts, serving two (2) year terms.

The County Administrator manages and provides oversight of Kendall County departments, committees, legislative and fiscal matters.  The County Administrator acts as the Kendall County Board’s liaison regarding the coordination and management of policy initiatives, operational issues and strategic plan within the daily operations of the County. The Kendall County Board provides administrative direction to the County Administrator.

The County Administrator oversees the departments of: Administrative Services, Technology, Facilities, Planning, Building and Zoning, and Animal Control. They supervise 26.5 FTE personnel.

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