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The office of the Circuit Clerk is a state constitutional office elected by the citizens of Kendall County for a term of four years. The Circuit Clerk is a non-judicial officer of the Judicial Branch of Illinois government. The Circuit Clerk is responsible for maintaining and preserving all the official records of the court filed in Kendall County. The duties of the Office are set forth by Statute, Rules of the Supreme Court and Administrative Orders of the local Circuit Court.




Legislation recently signed into law that supports the Illinois Supreme Court’s statewide e-Filing initiative.  Public Act 99-859 amends the Clerk of the Courts Act to require all circuit court clerks who are already assessing and collecting a Court Administration Fee pursuant to Sec 37.3a(1) of the Act to also assess and collect an additional $9.00 e-business fee on all new civil filings to begin September 19, 2016.

County of Kendall Resolution 2016-26 increasing the Court Automation Fee was approved on the 6th day of September, 2016 by the Kendall County Board. The fee collected by the Circuit Clerk for the Court Automation Fee pursuant to Sec 105/27.3a of Chapter 705 of the Illinois Compiled Statutes shall be increased to $25.00 from $15.00 to meet the increased cost of maintaining the court automation system.  The fee goes into effect the 1st day of October, 2016.

Fee Schedule Effective October 1, 2016


Here is our easy access to our Court Holidays and Jury Trial Schedule.  In the past some of you have received them, however, we will now have them posted here on the website for your easy accessibility.


Multi-Court is now available for our Attorneys to access Kendall County Court Documents. If you are currently an eMAGNUS user, you will need to upgrade to eDocs.  Any attorney wanting to become a new user, you will need to subscribe to eMAGNUS at a yearly cost of $360.00 plus the $59 set up fee. To become a registered user, contact JANO Technologies or call the help desk 1- 866-511-2892.


Mutual Grounds now has a Court Advocate in the courthouse to assist with Orders of Protection filings Monday through Friday.

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  • To schedule a marriage ceremony by a Judge, call Kendall County Court Administrative Office (630) 553-4208
  • For Information on the Parenting through Divorce Class (630) 553-9686
  • For questions regarding jury duty call Jury Commission Office (630) 553-4217
  • For Driver’s License information call the Secretary of State Office (800) 252-8980
  • For information regarding Waubonsee Drivers Traffic School (630) 892-3675


On-line Electronic Payments – Drivers License Number or Court Case Number Required


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