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Circuit Clerk

The office of the Circuit Clerk is a state constitutional office elected by the citizens of Kendall County for a term of four years. The Circuit Clerk is a non-judicial officer of the Judicial Branch of Illinois government. The Circuit Clerk is responsible for maintaining and preserving all the official records of the court filed in Kendall County. The duties of the Office are set forth by Statute, Rules of the Supreme Court and Administrative Orders of the local Circuit Court.


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Illinois Supreme Court M.R. 18368 – The Supreme Court’s order requires all parties to file documents in Civil cases electronically, with the exception of original Wills.


  • An ACH form needs to be filed with the Circuit Clerks office along with a voided check
  • When filing electronically select “Charge to Account” 
  • ACH form


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  • To schedule a marriage ceremony by a Judge, call Kendall County Court Administrative Office (630) 553-4208
  • For Information on the Parenting through Divorce Class; JOI Counseling (630) 553-9686, Staying Connected Counseling Center (630) 881-0170 or Haven Counseling (331) 452-8949
  • For questions regarding jury duty call Jury Commission Office (630) 553-4217
  • For Driver’s License information call the Secretary of State Office (800) 252-8980
  • For information regarding Waubonsee Drivers Traffic School (630) 892-3675

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